Edition 15

Sofie Ramos

02.02.2019 - 05.03.2019


Observing an installation made by Sofie Ramos immediately transports you into a surreal world full of familiar furniture that is no longer functional, walls and objects camouflaged in brightly colored paint that defy gravity, and geometrical sculptures that appear two dimensional while occupying a three dimensional space. Pulling from a dynamic hoard of everyday found objects and materials masked in vibrant colors, she creates site-specific compositions that respond and adapt to, fuse with, and adulterate their surroundings. Upon viewing an installation by Ramos, one is  immediately enticed to explore and investigate each aspect of the almost fantastical world she has created.  Her work brings out your inner child, prompting you to come play. Full disclosure, you can look, but you can’t touch.

A mixed media artist in many ways, Ramos recently began exploring stop motion as a way to document the process of the installation work she does. As the installation progresses and objects are added to the landscape, she takes photos to show her thoughtful decision making.  Ramos explains that this way of documenting her process has become a piece of art in and of itself, that can stand alone separate from the installations.  You can view her most recent video here.

For Limited Edition, Ramos has transformed JMS into a riot of vibrant colors and objects that spill onto each wall and onto the floor of the gallery itself.