Edition 1

Jessica Eastburn

3.18.15 - 6.13.15


Cartoons and cacophony: two of Jessica Eastburn’s favorite subjects.

It all starts with a Google image search. “I’ll get an idea, plug those search terms in, and then see what the giant racehorse of Google will give me.” And it gives her a lot: hotrods and handshakes. Contrast. Color. Action.

Jessica’s been obsessed with media as long as she can remember. Even as a kid, she sat down to draw the characters in her favorite Saturday morning cartoons. “I wanted to learn how those people were drawing those things. But also, it was fun to have that representation of something I liked, but for my own, on a piece of paper. If I could develop that skill, I could get that image I loved, too.”

But it’s not just about capturing static images. Making a piece move is important to her. If she composes a piece and it doesn’t feel dynamic or alive, she’ll scrap it all and start over.

“Art is a playground for me. When I sit down to make something. In front of a blank sheet of paper or canvas or panel. There’s just unlimited possibility of what I can create. And that’s what keeps me coming back to it.”